"Merging science & technology to create innovative solutions"

At Pangaea Biosciences, we value the importance of scientific excellence. Our team members bring a varied scientific background combined with technological experience in computer system infrastructure, resource optimization, and application development for scientific research. We strongly believe that good science is good business. This practical perspective allows us to achieve each project with an ever-increasing efficiency. Pangaea Biosciences is dedicated to upholding its commitment to serving you, the community, and the integrity of scientific research.


Phylogeny Research

Objective: to investigate a broad range of evolutionary relationships that exist among species, poulations, and genes.

Biological Aging

Objective: to explore the prospects of life extension and develop solutions aimed at increasing the average human life span.

Ecological Awareness

Objective: to propagate a better public understanding of ecological awareness and the consequences of climate change.

Analysis Tools for Computational Biology

We strongly believe the field bioinformatics presents a number of vital opportunities. By employing the latest scientific applications toward medicine and biology, Pangaea Biosciences seeks to help improve techniques for medical treatments & diagnostics, personal & homeland security, environmental monitoring & ecosystem restoration, water & food safety, evolutionary studies and much more.

One of our primary initiatives is to provide a wide array of integrative tools & applications to better equip private corporations and academic institutions toward scientific advancement.

Why is bioinformatics important?

Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. Computers are used to gather, store, analyze and integrate biological and genetic information which can then be applied to scientific research, gene-based drug discovery and development. The need for bioinformatics capabilities has been precipitated by the explosion of publicly available genomic information resulting from the Human Genome Project.

Research Projects

Pangaea Biosciences seeks to work side by side with academic institutions, private corporations, and government agencies on a number of Research & Development projects.

“Supporting Science Education”

Pangaea Biosciences is an advocate of evolutionary studies, environmental and climate science education