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At Pangaea Biosciences, we value the importance of scientific excellence. Our team members bring a varied scientific background combined with technological experience in computer system infrastructure, resource optimization, and application development for scientific research. We strongly believe that good science is good business.This practical perspective allows us to achieve each project with an ever-increasing efficiency. Pangaea Biosciences is dedicated to upholding its commitment to serving you, the community, and the integrity of its profession.

We strongly believe the field of bioinformatics presents a number of vital opportunities. By employing the latest scientific applications toward medicine and biology, Pangaea Biosciences seeks to help improve techniques for medical treatments & diagnostics, personal & homeland security, environmental monitoring & ecosystem restoration, water & food safety, evolutionary studies and much more.

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Coming soon: Bioinformatics Services & Consumer Support

Pangaea Biosciences specializes in custom bioinformatics applications for internet and intranet environments.

We offer a wide array of analysis tools that help increase efficiency in data management for biological research. There is no need to hire in-house bioinformatics staff members. Our team can provide you full bioinformatics support. We will work with you to help process, organize, and analyze your data using the latest bioinformatics techniques.

Whether in person, conference call, video chat or email correspondence, we would like to hear about your current research projects and future goals! Soon after our initial discussions, we will provide you suggestions about how we can be involved and determine a total cost and time estimate for your project. Pricing will depend on several variables, including time and effort needed to complete the project.