Research & Development

At Pangaea Biosciences, we value the importance of scientific excellence. Our team members bring a varied scientific background combined with technological experience in computer system infrastructure, resource optimization, and application development for scientific research. We strongly believe that good science is good business.This practical perspective allows us to achieve each project with an ever-increasing efficiency. Pangaea Biosciences is dedicated to upholding its commitment to serving you, the community, and the integrity of its profession.

Focus on Research & Development

Pangaea Biosciences seeks to work side by side with academic institutions, private corporations, and government agencies on a number of Research & Development projects. Our main focus of research involves: (a) the development of advanced computational biology tools & applications; (b) anti-aging related research with the prospects of life extension solutions; and (c) EMF & atmospheric radiation research and its effects on the biology of living systems. We pride ourselves on scientific excellence, work ethics, and in maintaining long-term relationships with our partners & contributors.

Current Projects in Development

(a) BioINFO Project: Analysis Tools for Computational Biology

Objective: to provide a wide array of integrative tools & applications to better equip private corporations and academic institutions toward scientific advancement.

Status: Active

Sample Bioinformatics Analysis Tools:

More information about BioINFO Project

(b) Biological Aging Research

Objective: to explore the prospects of life extension and develop solutions aimed at increasing the average human life span.

Status: Active

More information about BioRevive Research Group

(c) Atmospheric Radiation Research

Objective: to investigate the effects Atmospheric Radiation on living organisms and its implications on biological evolution. This study also seeks to identify any possible health risks associated with prolonged exposure to EMFs.

Status: In Preparation

12-11-13: [Research Proposal] Mutation & Inheritance: The Long Term Effects of Naturally Occurring Radiation on Living Systems (full report)

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