We Support Science Education, Environmental Protection & Ecosystem Restoration Efforts


Pangaea Biosciences is an advocate of evolutionary studies, environmental and climate science education in public schools. As such, we strongly support science education initiatives that broadly increase scientific awareness in these areas. Pangaea Biosciences is involved in a number of different ways – through Research & Development projects meant to broaden our understanding of biological evolution, educational resources meant to raise scientific awareness in our community, and supporting ecological restoration projects that commenced in the Spring of 2014.

We also encourage community members to become involved in protecting our education system from those who would seek to hijack it. We stand by institutions like the National Center for Science Education and their fight "to keep evolution and climate change in the science classroom and to keep creationism and climate change denial out." Below you will find helpful information provided by the NCSE:

There is more information on how to support and defend climate change education in Climate Change: Taking Action.

Or, check out the links below to some of our most popular articles for concerned citizens who want to support sound science education in their communities and states.