Identifying significant biological markers in Klotho gene variants across wide ranging taxonomy

Tommy Rodriguez
Department of Research & Development, Pangaea Biosciences, Miami, FL, USA
Email: trodriguez[@]

Journal of Molecular Biology Research. doi: 10.5539/jmbr.v5n1p11


Biological aging is marked by progressively degenerative physiological change that causes damage to tissues and organs. Errors in biopolymers accumulate over time; mitochondrial dysfunction, telomere attrition, and wider genomic instability lead to an altered state of intercellular communication. In this investigation, my focus will be aimed at examining and identifying specifically critical biomarkers in genetic variants of KLOTHO (a transmembrane protein involved in the genetic regulation of age-related disease) among organisms with varied life spans that range across wide taxonomical rankings. Here, I investigate the correlation between lower and higher frequency α-amino acid compositions in Klotho protein factors within a grouped methodology; as to also include several demonstrative techniques in comparative sequence analysis for inferring relatedness in evolutionary context.

Keywords: Klotho, KL gene, protein, protein evolution, comparative sequence analysis, multiple sequence alignment, Kalign, phylogenetc analysis, amino acid composition analysis

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